“TimesReader”: Microsofts digital newspaper proposition?

The hype

On Friday afternoon at the closing session of the American Society of Newspaper Editors (ASNE) conference Bill Gates unveiled a “new” piece of software intruducing the software by saying:

Today we have two worlds that are limiting in their own way,

They are print and the Web. The Web surprisingly is not taking
advantage of its environment.

It looks like this software still doesn’t have a name, but is called “Times
Reader” in a version being developed with “The New York Times”.

The software was then shown off on a TabletPC by Tom Bodkin, assistant managing editor and design director at The New York Times, i.e. saying:

One of the things I find most appealing about the format, is that it
offers a variety of ways to read the content that closely mirrors how
people read the paper content, …

As a reader I find it natural and effortless, as a designer the
application gives me a tool to create a product with a clear visual
identity, …
I’ve become a total convert.

That’s in essence what you can read in the media and what i fear newspaper editors will believe is true. So if this piece of software is microsofts view of the future of digital newspapers one should definitely have a closer look at it.

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