Newspapers and syndication – Part I: ACAP ASAP?

Originally i had planned to write about my experiences with the NYT Reader (not to bad) and Microsoft Max Feedreader (really bad) this week.

But then monday i read that the world association of newspapers (WAN), together with the European Publishers Council (E.P.C.) the International Publishers Association (I.P.A.) and the European Newspapers Association (E.N.P.A) is setting up a new project called ACAP (Automatic Content Access Protocol).

This was the final trigger to write a series of articles that summarizes my views on the issue of newspapers and syndication This is part one, a more technical view focusing on ACAP. The second part will then be a more general one looking at the attitude of newspapers and other main stream media (MSM) towards lightweight syndication.
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Daily Deli for 2006-09-28

Some more on stereogrammetry: