Month: August 2007

  • links for 2007-08-25

    MapShaper shapefile editor MapShaper is a free online editor for Polygon and Polyline Shapefiles. It has a Flash interface that runs in an ordinary web browser. Mapshaper supports three line simplification algorithms: Douglas-Peucker, Visvalingam-Whyatt, and a custom algo (tags: software flash maps vector simpification mapshaper) WordPress ‘Category Visibility’ Plugin»Run Your Own Website I needed a […]

  • EU commission stealing content – at least some Belgian newspapers should say so

    Did i get your attention? Now lets have a look at the details. Act I: Copiepresse vs. the Search Engines Last september a considerable amount of buzz was generated by the ruling of a belgian court that: Pursuant to the law dd. 15m June 1935 on the use of languages in judicial matters; Rejecting all […]

  • Eds. Note: DailyDeli Category banned from home page, Permalinks Enabled

    For a couple of months i wanted to remove the DailyDeli Entries from the main index page. Although i and maybe also you deem them relevant for searching and “What I’m up to purposes” they just cluttered the index page. Doesn’t look nice if you have 10 DailyDeli posts followed by a “real” post. So […]