Month: October 2007

  • links for 2007-10-31

    Find out what’s going on in your neighborhood – YourStreet Find out what’s going on in your neighborhood (tags: website local newsaggregator yourstreet) Free Site Search Engine – put a search engine on your web site JRank is a new type of site search engine. It’s fast, easy, accurate, and requires no installation on your […]

  • Leopard: How-to update the BootCamp drivers on your Windows partition

    Yesterday i wrote that i’m missing the option to burn a driver CD in Leopards BootCamp Assistant. Turns out that the Leopard DVD IS ALREADY THE DRIVER CD. So another example of Apple thinking ahead and making things simple (at least for first time installers of Boot Camp). Unfortunately people like me that already installed […]

  • links for 2007-10-30

    TUAW Guide: Getting Ready for Leopard – The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW) In that spirit we present this TUAW Guide to Getting Ready for Leopard. (tags: content tutorial macosx) Santa Software | MainMenu Don’t have time to run all the various tools and scripts to keep your Mac running smoothly? MainMenu makes these tasks quick […]