Day: November 16, 2007

  • iTouch: A second look

    After more than one week with the iTouch i have to say that my first impressions were definitely right. I haven’t upgraded to 1.1.2 yet, although fairly simple jailbreaking procedures are available right now. But there is no feature in 1.1.2 that i need desperately, hence i skip it until i have some spare time. […]

  • iwPhone Theme installed

    I just installed the iwPhone theme. Hence visitors accessing this blog with an iPhone or an iTouch, should have a different user experience. Right now I’m not satisfied with the look of the page. It neither a natural translation of the the veryplaintext theme i use, nor a good implementation of the iPhone human interface […]

  • links for 2007-11-16

    iPhone Samples (tags: software opensource html javascript css iphone samples) BBC Podcasts (tags: content example iphone bbc)