Month: January 2008

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    W3C Multimedia Semantics Incubator Group (tags: w3c incubator multimedia multimediasemantics) Introducing Prologue « We’re fans of Twitter around here, in fact many Automatticians have accounts, but while the format appealed to us it really just whetted our appetite for something more, like a way for each of us to share short messages about what […]

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    Google Maps and Microsoft MapCruncher (tags: content tutorial geo mapcruncher googlemaps)

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    Build native iPhone applications in Leopard with Xcode 3.0 – iPhone Atlas (tags: content tutorial iphone development) Lizenzen | MOApp | Custom Applications for Mac OS X With this small applications you can store, track and manage all your software licenses, licenses for services and tools. Lizenzen is freeware. (tags: software macosx lizenzen) Recherche | […]