Month: March 2008

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    mapstudioos – Google Code MapStudio Open Source is an editor for configuring MapGuide Open Source related data. It is written in C#, targeting the .Net FrameWork 1.1. It consists of a GUI application and a client library. (tags: software opensource maps mapstudioos) – XML Namespaces FAQ (tags: content tutorial faq xml namespaces)

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    True Marble Imagery – Free Download Download and use the 250m True Marble global dataset for free! This is lower resolution than our full 15m product, but it is quite useful. Download to use on your web page or preview a purchase. We only ask that you display our copyright … (tags: content imagery earth […]

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    Nokia – Location Tagger With Nokia Location Tagger, you can automatically tag your location data to your pictures. As you take a picture, your GPS coordinates are saved to the EXIF header of the JPEG file. You can use this data later,for example, to locate your pictures on a map (tags: software nokia series60 gps […]