1200 Baud Archeology: Reconstructing Apple I BASIC from a Cassette Tape [pagetable.com]

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The Apple I is extremely rare. Only 200 were built, and less than 100 are believed to be in existence. Neither Steve nor Woz own an Apple I any more, and neither does Apple Inc. The cassettes are even rarer, as not every Apple I came with one. There has not been a dump of the tape until 2002, when Achim Breidenbach of Boinx Software got an MP3 recording of an original Apple 1 BASIC tape by Larry Nelson, an Apple I owner, and, with a little help from his father (who worked with an Apple I back in 1976), managed to decode it by writing a program – in GFA BASIC on an Atari ST. Here is a screenshot of the visualization this program could provide:

Achim wrote an Apple I emulator, included a commented disassembly of his Apple I BASIC dump, and published it on the internet. Other people continued working on the disassembly and changed instructions that they thought were mistakes in the dump. The only dump that can be easily found today includes these changes. It was time to analyze the tape again and get an authoritative dump of the 4096 bytes.

Facebook Platform: The Fanfare Revisited [ReadWriteWeb]


The Facebook platform was certainly a big event in technology. As the first open system to enable access to a huge audience, it’s a triumph. But its future is clouded because of its business infrastructure, improper user education, and almost anarchic delivery of the applications. With the imminent changes, larger players will have even less incentive to plug in.

Facebook Platform: The Fanfare Revisited – ReadWriteWeb

Upgraded to 2.6

After reading this i immediately upgraded to WordPress 2.6. The upgrade itself  seemingly was flawless. If you happen to find a bug, please tell me.

BTW.: I switch to doing an svn export of the WP tag from the automattic repository followed by an internal rsync -avz. This reduces the upgrade time to a couple of seconds. Due to the layout of WP (mixing original files and  user adaptions in the same directory this also means that there is the chance of stale files at the rsync target directory, perhaps introducing potential security risks.

Wrt. 2.6  I’m especially interested in the revisions and the PressThis functionality as well as the image captions. Right now i’m sharing interesting blog posts in my  google shared item feed. I’m definitely not going to do a press this post for every blog post i’m sharing but try to find a middle ground. In preparation for this i added a new category “Fresh from the press“.

Initially i’m going to make the PressThis posts visible at the homepage but will eventually hide them from it, similar to the DailyDeli posts. If don’t know about the DailyDeli posts. These are post that are automatically generated by delicious and cover all my daily bokmarking at delicious. BTW. my delicious account can be found http://del.icio.us/gkamp.

In other news my apologies for not posting more often recently but i had to work on renovating the house and some other stuff i’m working on. Hopefully this will change soon.