Django 1.0 alpha released! []

Today is a big announcement day :-) A quote from Django | Weblog | Django 1.0 alpha released! :

In accordance with the Django 1.0 release roadmap, tonight we’ve released the first “alpha” testing version of Django 1.0. This release includes all of the major features due for inclusion in the final Django 1.0, though some lower-priority items are still scheduled to be included before the 1.0 feature freeze, which will occur with the first beta release next month.

New feeds for Project hosting on Google Code [Google Code Blog]

Nice announcement at: Google Code Blog: New feeds for Project hosting on Google Code (via Simon Willison)

We get a lot of feedback on Google Code and one of the biggest requests have been for feeds (as you can see in issue 8, issue 131, or issue 190). Therefore, I’m happy to announce that we now have Atom feed available for you to track issues, downloads, Subversion changes, and Wiki updates.