Month: November 2008

  • links for 2008-11-28

    Motion-Twin MTASC is the first ActionScript 2 Open Source free compiler. It can compile large number of .as class files in a very short time and generate directly the corresponding SWF bytecode without relying on Macromedia Flash or other tools. (tags: software opensource flash as2 compiler mtasc) ModestMaps – Trac Modest Maps is a BSD-licensed […]

  • links for 2008-11-27

    git-osx-installer – Google Code OSX Installer for Git (tags: software opensource macosx git)

  • links for 2008-11-24

    djangokit – Google Code A PyObjC wrapper that lets you package a complete django application as a stand-alone MacOS .app that runs on a local computer without net access (tags: software opensource macosx python pyobjc django djangokit)