Month: December 2008

  • links for 2008-12-29

    route-me – Google Code A slippy map library for the iPhone. Fast! Completely written in objective-c using CoreAnimation. Runs like the built-in app. (tags: software opensource objectivec iphone openstreetmap)

  • links for 2008-12-28

    Paver: Easy Scripting for Software Projects — Paver v0.8 documentation Paver is a Python-based build/distribution/deployment scripting tool along the lines of Make or Rake. What makes Paver unique is its integration with commonly used Python libraries. Common tasks that were easy before remain easy. More importantly, dealing with your applications specific needs and requirements is […]

  • links for 2008-12-23

    trillr1 – CoreMedia Contributions Trillr is a Twitter-like microblogging service enhanced with user directory and group discussion features. It was born in November 2007 as a peer group experiment where Jan Brauer, Christian Pesch and Stefan Matthias Aust decided to create "something like Twitter" to learn more about the programming language Python and its web […]