Day: May 13, 2009

  • Why Times Reader 2.0 is important

    On monday evening i tweeted: #nyt #timesreader2.0 IMHO more important 4 newspapers than all #eReaders. AAPL media pad has 2 support AIR until Canvas + CSS kick in Since some context had to miss from this tweet, and threaded discussions are difficult to do on twitter, i’ll try to explain my rationales for this tweet […]

  • links for 2009-05-12

    webdriver – Google Code WebDriver has a simple API designed to be easy to work with and can drive both real browsers, for testing javascript heavy applications, and a pure 'in memory' solution for faster testing of simpler applications. For the 5 minute introduction, take a look at the GettingStarted page. For a more in […]