Month: December 2009

  • links for 2009-12-30

    Installing Etherpad | Pauleira! After being acquired by Google, Ether­Pad was open­sourced. Being it the kick­ass thing it is, I got itch­ing with the *need* to have my own ether­pad instance run­ning right away. As I found out, scratch­ing that itch was actu­ally fast: it took me ~3 or so hours, and that includes trou­bleshoot­ing […]

  • links for 2009-12-28

    mapper.js (automatic area highlighting for image maps) mapper.js 2.3 allows you to add automatic area highlighting to image maps on your webpages (inc. export to SVG). It works in all the major browsers – Mozilla Firefox 1.5+, Opera 9+, Safari and IE6+. On older browsers, it can use "jsgraphics" from Walter Zorn (if installed), else […]

  • links for 2009-12-27

    Geospatial Queries with Google App Engine using GeoModel – Google Maps API – Google Code Two common types of spatial queries used in Maps mash-ups are proximity searches and bounding box queries. Proximity searches return all results within a certain distance of a location. Bounding box queries return all results in a bounding box of […]