Month: June 2010

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    Booktorious Booktorious is an open source 100% JavaScript webapp free of server side logic. It is utilizing new html5 technologies to read and handle files directly in the JavaScript runtime – everything happens in JavaScript. (tags: software opensource javascript epub reader booktorious) Compass Compass is a stylesheet authoring framework that makes your stylesheets and markup […]

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    Sencha — Ext JS and Ext GWT frameworks (tags: software opensource javascript mobile sencha)

  • links for 2010-06-14

    tautologistics's node-htmlparser at master – GitHub Forgiving HTML/XML/RSS Parser in JS for *both* Node and Browsers (tags: software opensource javascript parser html nodehtmlparser) Dracula JavaScript Graph Library Dracula is a set of tools to display and layout interactive graphs, along with various related algorithms. (tags: software opensource javascript svg graphs dracula) Graph visualization code in […]