Month: June 2010

  • Recent Book Purchases

    After buying three iPad development related books on Friday i noticed that i haven’t updated my book purchase list for over a year. What a shame. So for the record my book purchases since i left off. (Only books that somehow relate to this blog, coarsely categorized, in anti-chronically order): Development iPhone Programming: The Big […]

  • links for 2010-06-01

    Apache Mahout – Overview Currently Mahout supports mainly four use cases: Recommendation mining takes users' behavior and from that tries to find items users might like. Clustering takes e.g. text documents and groups them into groups of topically related documents. Classification learns from exisiting categorized documents what documents of a specific category look like and […]

  • links for 2010-05-31

    Current: A News Project A data visualization of internet memes as they carry out lifecycle activities in reaction to the news media (tags: software news meme Current) Google Chrome Developer Tools (The Chromium Projects) The Google Chrome Developer Tools provide an integrated environment for debugging, optimizing, and understanding a web application, or website, running in […]