Month: July 2010

  • MB5UP – How to get a virtual O’reilly ebook bundle (or ultimate customer service via twitter and email)

    Over a year ago i sent two tweets  to @timoreilly. These tweets started  what i think is a showcase of  ultimate customer service and (i hope) helped bringing a new product: the virtual bundle at O’Reilly Media into place. This blog post is about that story. Prologue Regular readers of this blog know that i […]

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    Fathom (tags: content infovis)

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    Multi-staging environment for Rails using Capistrano and mod_rails / Rails – (tags: content tutorial multistage rails capistrano apache) Open Web Analytics – Web Analytics – Open Source Web Analytics Framework Open source web analytics for many of the web's most popular applications (tags: software opensource php analytics openwebanalytics) this, is boomerang boomerang is a […]