Month: June 2006

  • Guardian puts web first

    According to an article (registered users only) in today’s MediaGuardian by Kim Fletcher, as of tomorrow (Tue 12 June), the Guardian will publish stories first to the web, “ending the primacy of the printed newspaper”. This is definitely a very bold move by the guardian. Since the full article is available only to registered users, […]

  • New Netscape beta is an interesting variation on digg

    Netscape yesterday launched a beta version of their site. At first glance it is a digg clone. But its puts on some interesting twist by having an editorial team to follow the proposed stories and introduces another set of buzzwords: metajournalism and social journalism. Jason Calacanis (GM of Netscape): “We did not create the New […]

  • Google hints at plans to monetize mapping api

    Yesterday, Google announced Google Maps for Enterprise (US an Canada only right now). Since i was alsways wondering what Google’s plan were to monetize Google maps i had a look into the FAQ: Q: Will Google Maps for Enterprise incorporate advertising? A: If and when advertising is displayed on Google Maps, you will have the […]