Grazr – Read what I’m reading

Right now i’m using netvibes as my browser start page. Netvibes is great and i love the easyness of subscribing to feeds importing OPML files etc. Especially the possibility to easily add ready made content collections from various content sources (e.g. netvibes tabs) to my netvibes page is bringing content syndication to the next level. I’m also experimenting with Pageflakes, Sage, and other Feedreaders / Web2.0 Startpages.
But i don’t like the closed source approach of theses systems, especially the possibility to track every story i read etc. One exception is Gregarius, an open source feedreader i plan to test drive as soon as i have some spare time.

Hence i always looked at OPML as a way to use a “standard” for organizing the feeds i read. But until now i had no compelling reason to do it. Because OPML made only sense to me if there was a way to publish it on my webspace while enabling readers to test drive it. The second part of this equation was at least to my knowledge missing until now. With Grazr finally a solution has arrived. So have a look at the feeds i’m reading

So the only thing i’m missing is an open source implementation of grazr, preferrabley based on Dojo. Or am i missing something???