DailyDeli for 2006-10-28

Stuff for setting up my new mac mini as a media center. (And yes, RSS reading is for me an important part of media consumption), miss right now from front row.

  • teleport is a simple utility to let you use one single mouse and keyboard to control several of your Macs. Works on Panther and Tiger (sorry, no more Jaguar support). Simply reach the edge of your screen, and your mouse teleports to your other Mac! The pa
  • I love RSS feeds. How much? So much that I want to stick them everywhere – in every room I frequent and on every device I use. So, off I went on a quest to find all of the interesting ways to consume feeds beyond the computer. Get ready to pimp your house
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  • Allright, we all know a bunch of you OS X users got Tiger and went “Yipee!” over the RSS screensavers. Well they are pretty cool, but Apple news gets boring…so why not make your own for your obviously favorite website? With Tiger’s Quartz Composer, you
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Some more on geocoding images, especially gps data in EXIF headers: