DailyDeli for 2006-11-30

This could be an interesting way to distribute e-paper like products too:

  • PrestoSM is a combination of the Presto Service and the HP Printing Mailbox It allows you to send email, photos, and content to people who don’t have a computer or Internet connection. You can send email just like you do today from your regular email ac

Interesting stuff from James Tauber:

  • Many people, when first finding out about Google Web Toolkit, wonder “why can’t I use Python instead of Java?”. pyjamas is designed to make that possible. And we’re drawing heavily from Google’s work.
  • Leonardo is an extensible content management system written in Python, architected in a REST-like style and initially focused on providing for personal websites with a password-protected wiki and blog (including Atom feed).
  • Demokritos is a Python library and content repository implementing the Atom Syndication Format (RFC4287) and Atom Publishing Protocol (draft-ietf-atompub-protocol-08). Persistence is via a subversion repository. You’ll need Subversion 1.3 with the SWIG Py

Google Co-op FAQ:

  • A Custom Search Engine is a tailored search experience, built using Google’s core search technology, which prioritizes or restricts search results based on websites and pages that you specify, and which can be tailored to reflect your point of view or are

Impressive flash-based data-visualization from gapminder: