Month: December 2006

  • DailyDeli for 2006-12-30

    Some of XML/XSLT/XML-RPC related stuff for the mac (found at Todd Ditchendorf’s) site: Cocoatron :: Automator Actions for XML Processing Pipelines The suite of Automator Actions for Mac OS X that brings drag-and-drop simplicity to creating and automating complex XML Processing Pipelines. (tags: software macosx applescript xml cocoatron) TeXMLMate :: XML/DTD/XSD/RNG Plugin for TextMate Check […]

  • DaiyDeli for 2006-12-29

    Yet another blog-based/social news aggregator Techmeme At this moment, the next big story in technology may reside on a blog you’ve never heard of or a news site you don’t have time to scan. So I built a software agent to surface these links in real time and the result is Techmeme, the site you’re […]

  • DailyDeli for 2006-12-28

    Interesting research project at Northwestern University (definitely not ready for prime time, but maybe for second life. Also interesting to see what Kristian Hammond is now up to): News at Seven News at Seven is an automatic system that crafts daily news shows. It finds the news you are interested in; edits it; finds relevant […]