DailyDeli for 2006-12-06

Yesterday i did quite some googling on some themes i’m currently interested in:

One more tag /term extraction API:

Information (and graph) visualization toolkits:

The Microsoft reasearch homepage and its infovis components:

Some interesting Python libraries / toolkits:

  • The ReportLab Open Source PDF library is a proven industry-strength PDF generating solution, that you can use for meeting your requirements and deadlines in enterprise reporting systems.
  • NLTK, the Natural Language Toolkit, is a suite of program modules, data sets and tutorials supporting research and teaching in computational linguistics and natural language processing.
  • nltk_jkm is a Python package, which contains some mostly information retrieval (IR) related additions and extensions to the NLTK natural language package for Python.

And finally some things i stumbled upon while browsing

Another News Rating site:

Another visual frontend for web site spider / wrappers:

    • openkapow provides free and open access to the visual scripting tools that create mashups, built around the concept of software Robots. As a member of the openkapow community, developers can share their own expertise and even their Robots and mashups, wit
Nice Screensaver for MacOsX
    • You are not using your windows ? Fenêtres Volantes make them fly ! After some idle time that can be set in the System Preferences, the windows take off the screen and flutter in the void. On a mouse move, the windows immediately come back and stuck to th

Some nice pixelart wrapped up in a wordpress blog:

Another take to federated identity systems: