Month: January 2007

  • DailyDeli for 2007-01-02

    Interesting little mac tool for checking restructured text (even more interesting because it’s a python based app): ReSTedit ReSTedit is a GUI tool for editing and interactivly exploring texts in the ReStructuredText format (or ReST) as defined by the Docutils project. ReSTedit is very useful for quickly checking if Docutils renders some text as you […]

  • DailyDeli for 2007-01-01

    Just found out that our new MBP’s are not quite ready for triple boot (it’s the wireless lan as usually): MacBookPro – Ubuntu Wiki (tags: macbookpro tripleboot ubuntu) #1001 (HAL does not support new Atheros chipID 0x0024 (rev 01) on new Macbook Pro) – MadWifi – Trac (tags: macbookpro c2d wifi problems)