DailyDeli for 2007-06-13

MOre geo stuuf (data, apps …), a diagramming/graphing Javascript library (supporting Google gears), a precompiled subversion package for macosx and a company that at least claims to be able to detect content reuse on the web (and that partnered with AP lately) :

Geo data:

Geo apps:

  • LandSerf is a freely available Geographical Information System (GIS) for the visualisation and analysis of surfaces.

    (tags: software java gis visualization surfaces landserf)

  • MapCreator 2.0 ist eine Kombination aus Kartographie- und Grafikprogramm. Die Software ist darauf ausgerichtet, Karten und Kartenanimationen von höchster grafischer Darstellungsqualität zu erstellen, wie sie sehr oft für Präsentationen benötigt werde

    (tags: software maps mapcreator)

Geo tips and tricks:

Javascript drawing and diagramming library:

  • mxGraph is a Javascript library that uses built-in browser capabilities to provide an interactive drawing and diagramming solution. mxGraph outperforms all existing solutions in startup time, interactivity and functionality.

    (tags: software javascript graph mxscript)

Subversion Mac OS X binary:

Content fraud detection: