Plainview and 280slides: A new webapp dream team

I just wanted to point you to a new webapp dreamteam announce (or at least made aware to me in the last two days: Plainview (via tuaw) and 280signals (via daring fireball).


Plainview is a chromeless webkit-based browser for Mac OS X (soon to be OS X only) made by the barbarian group. It is just beautiful, and i definitely use it when doing presentations that include demos of web sites as well as making screenshots for this blog (see below).

I especially like the the fading in of the menu bar, the floating windows and the built-in presentation support (i.e. you can build lists of pages you can easliy jump back and forth).

Plainviews Start Page Plainviews Start page with floating windows

BTW: I never understood why both PowerPoint and Keynote open up a separate application when clicking on a hyperlinked image etc. They should open the site within the application itself embedding the respective IE or Webkit component shouldn’t be to difficult. Or have i missed some way of doing so?

So having a great faceless browser, all you need is a great web based presentation app  This is where 280Slides comes into play.


280Slides is a web based presentation software. Please not another one I hear you say, this space is already crowded. But if you prefer Keynote to PowerPoint, you definitely love 280Slides:

280Slides (loading) 280slides (Startscreen)280slides (Presentation Selector) 280slides (Presentation Editor) 280slides (Presentation Mode)

Besides being an amazing web app itself the most interesting fact about 280Slides can be found at Chris Heilmann’s blog:

The most amazing thing about this is happening under the hood: the developer wrote a library that abstracts browser rendering engines using Canvas, SVG and Flash (on a per-need basis) into a unified language – Objective J which is – as the name suggests – a mapping from Objective C to JavaScript.

I definitely want to know more about Objective J. And maybe Apple wakes up cooperates and / or buys 280Slides and includes this in its forthcoming .mac reincarnation.