links for 2009-01-05

  • djatoka is a Java-based open source image server with an attractive basic feature set and extensibility under control of the community of implementers. Off-the-shelf, djatoka provides compression and region extraction of JPEG 2000 images, URI-addressability of regions, and support for a rich set of input/output image formats (e.g., BMP, GIF, JPG, PNG, PNM, TIF, JPEG 2000). djatoka also comes with a plug-in framework that allows transformations to be applied to regions and resolutions (e.g., watermarking).

    aDORe djatoka was derived from a concrete need to introduce a solution to disseminate high-resolution images stored in our aDORe repository. We set out to explore the problem domain and ended up developing the aDORe djatoka dynamic image dissemination solution, an open source package with an attractive feature set capable of disseminating images that reside either in a djatoka environment or that are Web-accessible at arbitrary URIs.