links for 2009-03-04

  • A repository for the maintenance and development of IronPython examples.

    IronPython is a C# implementation of Python for .NET and Mono. It is built on the DLR (Dynamic Language Runtime) and also runs on Silverlight 2.

    Articles and downloads for these examples are available from the Voidspace IronPython Pages.

    This repository also contains all the example code that accompanies the book IronPython in Action.

    This includes:

    * An example Windows Forms application called MultiDoc
    * System administration with IronPython (scripting, WMI and Powershell)
    * Metaprogramming and the Python protocols
    * ASP.NET, Databases and web services
    * Silverlight
    * Testing
    * Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) user interface
    * Extending IronPython with C# / VB.NET
    * Embedding IronPython in .NET applications