links for 2009-03-15

  • python-constraint is a Python module offering solvers for Constraint Solving Problems (CSPs) over finite domains in simple and pure Python. CSP is class of problems which may be represented in terms of variables (a, b, …), domains (a in [1, 2, 3], …), and constraints (a < b, …)
  • This is South, intelligent schema migrations for Django apps. The lastest release is 0.4; see the Roadmap for more information about future releases.
  • I’m implementing a new feature for Weheartplaces, where you will be able to embed a map in your own webpage, that shows where you are and what is nearby to you. In doing so – I wanted to center the map around your current location (gathered from fireeagle, twitter or the google geo extensions) and show places nearby.
  • Elixir is a declarative layer on top of the SQLAlchemy library. It is a fairly thin wrapper, which provides the ability to create simple Python classes that map directly to relational database tables (this pattern is often referred to as the Active Record design pattern), providing many of the benefits of traditional databases without losing the convenience of Python objects.
  • Genshi is a Python library that provides an integrated set of components for parsing, generating, and processing HTML, XML or other textual content for output generation on the web.

    The main feature is a template language that is smart about markup: unlike conventional template languages that only deal with bytes and (if you're lucky) characters, Genshi knows the difference between tags, attributes, and actual text nodes, and uses that knowledge to your advantage. For example:

  • This project provides Genshi templates for outputting Atom feed documents and service documents.
  • Yet another Python Framework! The goal of this project to make web development as easy as possible to enable the developer to start quickly with a new project. This project should be distributable via PasteDeploy for normal servers and for Google App Engine (GAE), without the need of using different technologies and approaches.
  • JaikuEngine is a social microblogging platform that runs on AppEngine. JaikuEngine powers