links for 2009-04-14

  • I dislike animated sorting algorithm visualisations – there's too much of an air of hocus-pocus about them. Something impressive and complicated happens on screen, but more often than not the audience is left mystified. I think their creators must also know that they have precious little explanatory value, because the better ones are sexed up with play-by-play doodles, added, one feels, as an apologetic afterthought by some particularly dorky sportscaster. Nevertheless I've been unable to find a single attempt to visualise a sorting algorithm statically (if you know of any, please drop me a line).
  • This page lists the allowed extension values for the rel="" attribute in HTML5. You may add your own values to this list, which makes them legal HTML5 rel values. We ask that you try to avoid redundancy; if someone has already defined a value that does roughly what you want, please reuse it.