Month: July 2009

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    libcloud python library – a unified interface to cloud server providers libcloud is a standard client library for many popular cloud providers, written in python (tags: software opensource python cloud libcloud) pygowave-server – Project Hosting on Google Code I couldn't wait until the guys at Google released their reference server implementation, so I decided to […]

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    gheat – Project Hosting on Google Code Google Maps gives you API for adding additional map layers. This software implements a map tile server for a heatmap layer. (tags: software opensource python aps tiles heatmap gheat)

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    My comment on Jeff Jarvis blog post on APs news registry and tracking proposal: Update: This comment never made it through moderation :-( Jeff, some remarks from germany: 1)  Wrt. Hamburger Erklärung: In contrast to the US,  in germany there is a supreme court decision dated  in 2000 (or was it 2001?), the so called […]