links for 2009-07-02

  • Utilities for implementing Modified Preorder Tree Traversal (MPTT) with your Django Model classes and working with trees of Model instances.

    The latest version of this application's documentation, in reStructuredText format, is available in its docs directory. Note: this documentation is for the SVN trunk version of the application – it may differ from the documentation for the packaged release, which is available below.

    The CHANGELOG is kept up to date with notable commits and development notes are taken when things just need a good old working out – have a look if you're interested in the thought process behind certain features or implementation details which needed a bit of thought.

  • ReportingOn helps journalists of all stripes find peers with experience dealing with a particular topic, story, or source.
  • Returns a JSON dictionary whose key is addresses and whose value is a list of a tuple of extracted addresses.

    To use this service programmatically, POST your content to urlencoded with the key content.

  • RabbitHub is our implementation of PubSubHubBub, a straightforward pubsub layer on top of plain old HTTP POST — pubsub over Webhooks. It’s not well documented yet (understatement), but that will change.

    It gives every AMQP exchange and queue hosted by a RabbitMQ broker a couple of URLs: one to use for delivering messages to the exchange or queue, and one to use to subscribe to messages forwarded on by the exchange or queue. You subscribe with a callback URL, so when messages arrive, RabbitHub POSTs them on to your callback. For example,

  • GeoMaker creates microformats and maps from geographical information embedded in texts. You can either provide a URL to load and hit the "load content" button or start typing your own text and hit the "get locations" button to continue.