links for 2009-09-27

  • Make your own Maps stick out in the crowd by using our more than 260, and counting, beautiful, descriptive and completely free Map Icons instead
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  • TV Widgets give you the best of the Internet in perfect harmony with the simplicity and reliability of your television. TV Widgets deliver a Cinematic Internet™ experience by converting your favorite Web services like Yahoo!® Finance, eBay®, CBS, Flickr®, USA Today®, and Twitter®, for the TV. View episodes of your favorite CBS TV shows, watch a movie, check the latest news and sports scores, shop on eBay or catch up with your friends on Twitter. It’s easy—just grab your remote, lean back and stay connected.
  • In my course as a developer I find myself constantly examining the differences between two pieces of text.

    Now, although pretty much every IDE (and various stand-alone products) have sophisticated diff utilities built in (like Eclipse), my favourite, I got very tired of having to create two files just to paste in fragments of code or other bits of texts just in order to perform a diff and see the differences highlighted.

  • 80legs is a service platform for web crawling and processing web content. We put over 50,000 computers to work for you to deliver exceptional crawling performance at incredibly low costs. Our service is easy to use and completely customizable, so you can crawl and process web content however you want, whenever you want.
  • Welcome to, the premier source for empowering your website, newspaper or blog with the in-depth coverage of breaking news, features and commentary your audience deserves from the world news leader-CNN.

    Dramatically increase your production value with engaging news copy written by award-winning journalists at the world's largest newsgathering network. Select stories ranging from breaking domestic and international news to constantly updated features covering entertainment, tech, travel and medical news. Bolster your own analysis with comprehensive political and financial coverage and commentary from the most trusted name in news.

  • Welcome to Jos Buivenga's exljbris Font Foundry. Here you can find my [free] fonts.
    Delicious, Fontin, Fontin Sans, Tallys, Fertigo Pro, Diavlo, Anivers, Museo, Museo Sans & Calluna.