links for 2009-11-25

  • geo-autocomplete is an extension to Jörn Zaefferer's excellent Autocomplete plugin

    geo-autocomplete will autocomplete any user-input location field, using Geocoder results from the Google Maps v3 API Geocoder.

    The Google Static Maps v2 API is also used to display location thumbnails of each autocomplete option, to help users choose the right one.

    You can use all the standard Autocomplete options to customize the look and behaviour of your geo-autocomplete field, plus these additional option

  • # If a spatial query is vulnerable to faultlines, it is split into multiple sub-queries that do not cross the faultline.
    # Sub-query limits are approximately weighted according to their relative size.
    # Sub-queries are executed in parallel, taking advantage of BigTable's distributed goodness, and the results combined, so all this happens very fast.
    # Even though the sub-queries are executed in parallel without any significant impact on user experience, App Engine CPU costs can increase to around 2x the CPU cost of a single less accurate query. Sub-query results are memcached to reduce this CPU overhead.