Month: February 2010

  • links for 2010-02-18

    polygon topology using FOSS tools – Front Range Users of Geospatial Open Source | Google Groups (tags: content discussion map simplification topology preserving) MapShaper – alpha testing version (tags: service webservice maps simplification topology preserving mapshaper) Quicksand I love Mac apps, especially for their attention to detail. CoreAnimation makes it so easy to create useful […]

  • links for 2010-02-17

    sunlightlabs's clearmaps at master – GitHub To overcome some of the limitations with existing mapping tools, Sunlight Lab is releasing ClearMaps, an ActionScript framework for interactive cartographic visualization. In addition to giving designers and developers total control over presentation the project aims to address some of the common technical challenges faced when building interactive, data […]

  • Charging for content | AJ Bruce

    Interesting survey on the different online payment models of  a number of publichers (by AJ Bruce of Microsoft UK) Unfortunately some slides did not convert properly  at Slideshare. Charging for content View more presentations from Alastair Bruce.