links for 2010-10-23

  • his is an experiment around installable web applications. What you'll find here:

    Addons for different browsers that provide better support for web applications: including new features (like search and notification support) and better integration into browser UI.

    Documentation, including an in-depth discussion of the design and goals of the project.
    An example that shows how to integrate myapps javascript libraries to allow a site author to trigger an installation of their application.
    Files related to setting up a local develoment environment. Currently a nodejs script that will allow you to run a webserver that serves up the various sites contained here.

  • This document describes an architecture for Open Web Applications. These are applications constructed using standard web technologies including HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript, which can run in any modern web browser Like today's web applications, they are made with a combination of server-side logic and client-side logic.

    The system presented here provides for both free and paid applications. It presumes that there will be multiple stores from which users may install applications. Developers are free to list their applications on multiple stores and to enter independent relationships with each. Developers should be free to self-publish their application, or create their own curated application directory. Applications deployed using this system should work on desktop and mobile platforms, and should degrade gracefully when advanced browser capabilities are not present.