links for 2011-05-11

  • If you try and load big GPX tracklogs they may well contain too much detail (too many short legs) for display as a GMaps GPolyline. To work around this, the point set needs to be thinned. The classic algorithm for this is known as the Douglas Peucker algorithm.

    You will find a client side javascript implementation of the algorithm here GDouglasPeuker.js

    Given an array of GLatLng objects in trkPointsRaw, the call trkPointsReduced = GDouglasPeucker(trkPointsRaw,20); will reduce the points to a set with kink depth no more than 20 metres.


  • Zotonic is a CMS and a framework. It is fast, easy to use and open source. Zotonic is the content management system for people that want a fast, extensible, flexible and complete system for dynamic web sites. It is built from the ground up with rich internet applications and web publishing in mind. Zotonic is also a framework, it is easy to extend and adapt for your specific use.