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  • Head-To-Head: ACAP Versus Robots.txt For Controlling Search Engines

    Danny Sullivan put up a great (and very long) post comparing ACAP and Robots.txt in the Context of the current discussion around paid content and the Hamburg declaration. I urge you to read it in full if you want to know more about the current situation, and why ACAP will not help the publishers to […]

  • ACAP – some reviews

    Unfortunately I haven’t found the time to have a detailed look at the 1.0 versions of the ACAP spec and do a technical review as promised last year. But others have done it. And i have to say that i largely agree with them and might have bin harsher. See below for my favourite quotes […]

  • ACAP – The strawman proposals

    In a couple of hours i’m going to attend the “International Conference on the Conclusion of the ACAP Pilot” at AP’s premises here in NYC. (This has given me the chance to see some of my AP friends :-) ). For those of you who don’t know ACAP. According to the website: Following a successful […]