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  • Some Thoughts on News Registries

    EdNotes: This post has been hanging around unpublished since July 24th. Just discoverde that i missed to push the publish button. Since i still think that it is relevant i’m going to push that button now. Yesterday the Associated Press made her move and announced their plans for a news registry based on the hnews […]

  • Commented on “How (and why) to replace the AP” at buzzmachine.com

    My comment on Jeff Jarvis blog post on APs news registry and tracking proposal: Update: This comment never made it through moderation :-( Jeff, some remarks from germany: 1)  Wrt. Hamburger Erklärung: In contrast to the US,  in germany there is a supreme court decision dated  in 2000 (or was it 2001?), the so called […]

  • AP going to launch Multimedia services in Germany

    A german media magazine is reporting that AP Germany will launch products that directly compete with two of our core products. Definitely have to ask my good AP friends about this when i see them in two weeks: Gleichzeitig war zu erfahren, dass AP-Deutschland noch in diesem Jahr mit zwei neuen Multimedia-Produkten an den Start […]