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  • 2010 – The year of the tablet

    On Monday Apple finally sent out the invites  to their January 27th event – widely presumed to be about the RAT  (Rumored Apple Tablet). Because everyone and their dog is speculating about what the RAT  would or not would be i just like to point you to the summaries that I think most likely  are […]

  • Update weekend – some progress

    This weekend, i finally took some time to start the long overdue upgrade steps for the mac mini, the apple tv and the network. Partly due to the fact that i caught a mighty cold and wasn’t able to leave the house for too long. The following steps were planned: mac mini should receive an […]

  • Stevenote – What’s in for me?

    Yesterday’s Stevenote brought a number of announcements. As somebody who bought his first Apple computer (an Apple IIe) in 1984 and over the last years switched back to a mainly Apple setup at home (2MBP, 1 Mac mini, apple tv, Airport Extreme, iTouch, iPod 4G, iPod nano 1G), these announcements are definitely worth a closer […]