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  • Will Apple finally ship my dream e-reading / netbook device?

    For quite some time  i’ve argued that  the iPhone / iPod touch is right now my favourite e-reading device (see here, here and here) (Having extensively tested e-ink devices like the Iliad). Hence i drooled for a iTouch like with a  7-9″ display. But Steve Jobs “seemingly” dissed any chance building such a device with […]

  • DailyDeli for 2007-04-22

    Mostly Google related: some mapping related articles from Google’s knowledge base as well as the python client bindings for the Gdata ATOM API. In addition a file explorer for series60 phones written in Python

  • Newspapers and syndication – Part I: ACAP ASAP?

    Originally i had planned to write about my experiences with the NYT Reader (not to bad) and Microsoft Max Feedreader (really bad) this week. But then monday i read that the world association of newspapers (WAN), together with the European Publishers Council (E.P.C.) the International Publishers Association (I.P.A.) and the European Newspapers Association (E.N.P.A) is […]