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  • The CrunchPad Is Now Called The JooJoo | BusinessInsider

    Now Micheal Arrington’s business partner speaks up. The price rises up to $499 and will be available for preorder from Friday with 8 – 10 weeks shipment time. We’ll see if that beats the Apple Tablet to the market The Crunchpad is dead, but the JooJoo is alive.Chandrasekar “Chandra” Rathakrishnan, founder and CEO of Fusion […]

  • The End Of The CrunchPad | Techcrunch

    I was watching the Crunchpad for quite some time (see e.g. here). It was the device that came closest to my dream surfing/ereading device (besides an Apple Tablet with a PixelQi screen). Now Michael Arrington announces it’s end, due to “interesting circumstances” to say the least. Given the nature of TechCrunch i’l take his version […]