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  • Django 1.0 alpha released! [djangoproject.com]

    Today is a big announcement day :-) A quote from Django | Weblog | Django 1.0 alpha released! : In accordance with the Django 1.0 release roadmap, tonight we’ve released the first “alpha” testing version of Django 1.0. This release includes all of the major features due for inclusion in the final Django 1.0, though […]

  • More books

    I’ve been quite busy in the last weeks, first on the job and then being on a one week skiing holiday. Hence i wasn’t able to report on a couple of new books i bought recently. So lets do this. In order to be chronical first the ‘oldest book’ The Definitive Guide to django – […]

  • DailyDeli for 2007-08-01

    More tools for Google Maps and Google Earth and more django tutorials: