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  • Reanimating IPTC7901

    In the  web RSS and ATOM feeds are still the backbone of  the news ecosystem.  But most professional news organizations still prefer to use standards from their own standardization body, the “International Press & Telecommunications Council”: IPTC. (Explaining why i put emphasis on the two “still”s is worth a separate post) While IPTC NewsArchitecture G2  […]

  • DailyDeli for 2007-06-16

    RSS (Toolbox), Python (TestingTools),  WebAPI Authentication (Overview),  Geo & Mapping (Animated Maps over time, Flickr KML API, 3D  Cityscapes) and a mobile location based photo browser:

  • Why feeds matter (or: media and syndication – get it or lose it)

    Preface In earlier posts (see here and here) i have argued that lightweight syndication via RSS and Atom opened up a completely new ecosystem while the syndication standards preferred by “main stream media (MSM)” like ICE didn’t take off and most likely won’t do so in the future (if the upcoming ACAP standard is not […]