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  • DailyDeli for 2007-02-14

    Quite a mix ranging from a  standalone flash video player (with a liberallicense), a python based feed aggregator and an opensource product code database to Yahoo!’s mediarss extension:

  • It’s all about video

    With broadband lines now being the basis of internet connectivity, video is THE “theme du jour” in internet hype. With YouTube clones springing off faster than you can blink your eyes, even traditional german print media houses are thinking that they should also have one. Rem.: Over here in germany you very rarely have integrated […]

  • Chumby and Greenphone, opening up the embedded device market

    Recently two hardware announcements caught my interest, not only because cool mobile devices were introduced. More interestingly to me was the fact they brought the openness we all know from the open source software on our PCs and Laptops to the embedded devices market. First Qtopia, announced the greenphone, a mobile phone that targets developers […]