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  • Going places – Status and example

    Ed. note.: Another autumn-cleaning action. This time the post has been sitting here in a draft state since at least 15 months. Time to get it out of the door. It’s part of a  mini series called “Going places” about geocoding news at the source. Prior installments of this series can be found here. They […]

  • Going Places – Wherecamp2008 lightning talk slides

    After talking to lots of people about our approach to geocoding news at Where2.0 and Wherecamp2008, and getting positive feedback i decided to give a lightning talk at the second day of Wherecamp2008 to present the ideas to a larger audience. Since i put up the slides in a hurry they might not adhere to […]

  • Going Places – Scopes and other locations

    Rem: First i have to apologize that i didn’t write this post earlier. But i was busy getting phase 2: geocoding of places within the story out of the door an then i had some holiday, then went to Where2.0 and Wherecamp etc. But expect a number of articles tagged goingplaces this week. Earlier Parts […]