2006 World Digital Publishing Conference- The guardian gets it ;-)

Last week the 1st World Digital Publishing Conference took place in London. Unfortunately only the summaries of the different talks are available. There is also only little resonance in the blogosphere.

As somebody with a technological background i’m especially pleased with the following quote:

“We need to realize that our star software developers are as important to our business as our star journalists. I think if we said this three years ago, it would have been heresy, but I think it is true.”

Carolyn McCall, Chief Executive, Guardian Media Group

Compare this to the absence technical people i noted in my newspaper next article.

Guardian puts web first

Guardian puts web firstAccording to an article (registered users only) in today’s MediaGuardian by Kim Fletcher, as of tomorrow (Tue 12 June), the Guardian will publish stories first to the web, “ending the primacy of the printed newspaper”.

This is definitely a very bold move by the guardian. Since the full article is available only to registered users, i’ll append an excerpt.

Update [July 10th, 2006]: Germany’s Axel Springer Verlag follows suit. It’s CEO announced in an interview that “Online zuerst” (Web first) should be implemented until January 1st 2007 in its quality newspapers “Die Welt” and “Berliner Morgenpost”. This coincides with a reorganization of their newsroom.
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