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  • Two Google maps of Israel

    [Update:] Since this question came up within  my work at dpa and we are a Google Maps enterprise customer, i contacted the support (a first). They got back to me within 3 hours (not 2 bad) and pointed me to this public page. It is a licensing issue (probably with GIsrael). I just recognized that […]

  • Going Places – Scopes and other locations

    Rem: First i have to apologize that i didn’t write this post earlier. But i was busy getting phase 2: geocoding of places within the story out of the door an then i had some holiday, then went to Where2.0 and Wherecamp etc. But expect a number of articles tagged goingplaces this week. Earlier Parts […]

  • More books

    I’ve been quite busy in the last weeks, first on the job and then being on a one week skiing holiday. Hence i wasn’t able to report on a couple of new books i bought recently. So lets do this. In order to be chronical first the ‘oldest book’ The Definitive Guide to django – […]