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  • rel=”source” – Making the source relationship in journalism explicit

    The discussion on the reuse of content,  quoting ,  use of sources etc. is getting more attraction and attention from day to day. Following and being involved in that discussion quite heavily (disclosure, i was very much involved in dpa’s selection of Attributor) as well as the discussion on URL shorteners being evil a simple […]

  • A new love: Q/R Codes and german print products

    Yesterday i went by train from Hamburg to Braunschweig. As usual one of connecting trains was late. Fortunately the connecting station for this relation* is Hannover Hbf. This is a big central station with a T-Mobile T-Punkt and a fairly good newspaper stand. So besides being the day when the fall of the Berlin wall […]

  • Why feeds matter (or: media and syndication – get it or lose it)

    Preface In earlier posts (see here and here) i have argued that lightweight syndication via RSS and Atom opened up a completely new ecosystem while the syndication standards preferred by “main stream media (MSM)” like ICE didn’t take off and most likely won’t do so in the future (if the upcoming ACAP standard is not […]