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  • Gerrit vs. Rietveld

    Does anybody have an idea how Gerrit (Androids code review app) compares to Rietveld (the generic code code review app open-sourced earlier this year). A first glimpse suggests that the former is a superset of the latter. Any more insights?

  • iTouch – Still on 1.1.2 but in love with Cydia

    First some bookkeeping. I haven’t had the time to try to switch to 1.1.3/1.1.4 (even to read details about the complexity of doing so). I just found it too cumbersome to reinstall all these wonderful Apps after the 1.1.2 upgrade. There also isn’t anything in these upgrades i had any urge to install. Hence i […]

  • 2 more (and waiting for another)

    After reading about the release of THE djangobook i immediately went to my favourite bookstore to buy it. Unfortunately they didn’t have it in stock but it should arrive soon. Instead i bought another book that was on my shopping list as well as a second, more exotic one Programming collective intelligence Having read rave […]