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  • iPod Touch: First Impressions

    While lots of people are eagerly waiting for the iPhone to land in Germany next week, i finally bought the birthday present i asked my wife to buy me last year: a decent successor to my 4G iPod (which began having hard drive failures just after it’s two year guarantee expired). With decent being specified […]

  • Steve Jobs confirms SDK for iPhone

    Sems that i’ve been right with my ideas how Apple is going to open up the iPhone (see here and here). Ive just read on AppleInsider that Steve Jobs announced that there will be an SDK by February. In the announcement there is a direct reference to the security through digital signaturs concepts i anticipated […]

  • Dashboard widgets coming to mobile phones (or: Apple willingly giving up their head start to Nokia)

    Back in June , prior to the iPhone launch i’ve written about how “Apple should open up the iPhone and likely is prepared to do so“. I the meantime a lot happened . The iPhone was and is a resounding success, third party developers and hackers worked furiously to reverse engineer the software in order […]